Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Met my BFF, Sherlin, @ The Heeren Shopping Centre, yesterday afternoon..

We went for some dessert @ Dessert Spoon, located at the basement of the shopping mall..

Sunday, 12th of September 2010.. What an eventful Sunday! :)

Lunch @ Causeway Point's Breeks Cafe
We had Baked Dory Pasta with Mushroom Cream.. Mushroom Pasta.. Seafood Pasta New Orleans.. Fish & Prawn Lafayette.. Waffles Fries with Cheese & Sour Cream..

The dishes were all very delicious!!! :)

As usual, Jonathan Ezra enjoys feeding himself.. :)

After lunch, we had a fun time playing arcade games at Causeway Point's Timezone Game Centre.. :)

That evening, we went to visit my maternal grandfather who's still staying in hospital..

After which, we also drove up to Punggol, Edgefield Plains to visit my maternal grandmother & aunt who's residing there..

That night, we also dropped by my BFF, Sherlin's house in Yishun St 81 & she took the following photos of both boys via her iPhone 4 while we were at her place.. :)

My BFF-Sherlin's son, Cayden, with Jonathan Ezra.. :)

They both look like BFFs here too! Wahaha! ;D

What are the two of them looking at?!

We were very curious.. Wahaha! :D

So cute & comical!!! :D