Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random pics..

Poached Dory Fish Fillet Pasta for lunch @ The Grinning Gecko Cafe, located inside National University of Singapore, when I was there yesterday..

Also checked out the new National Library, located on the fifth level of the new Clementi Mall..

Took this photo of this very adorable cat @ the lift lobby of my parent's place during the weekend..

It was desperately trying its best to lay as low as possible to the floor..

I believe it has an identity crisis..

Maybe trying its best to believe & convince itself that it's a lizard, chameleon or maybe a leopard.. (that's where you get the phrase: Leopard's Crawl..)


Whatever it is, it is one adorable black cat! ;)

Presenting to you.. The Jonas Brothers..

Yeah.. Shawn Ethan & Jonathan Ezra.. took this pic of them while they were watching cartoons during the weekend..