Saturday, June 11, 2011

This morning,  we cycled to East Coast Park's Mcdonald's.. :)

(As it's the school holidays, I've allowed Shawn Ethan to follow my parents to Malacca this weekend..)

It was a beautiful morning as the weather was nice & cloudy for cycling.. :)

It was good exercise & we had a sumptuous breakfast there.. :)

Had Big Breakfast Deluxe.. Big Breakfast.. Hotcakes..

After breakfast & a short stroll at the beach, we cycled home & upon reaching home, it started to rain! Thank God! :)

Me & my bike..

I was riding it, so you couldn't see it when I took this pic..

Just reached home when it started pouring..

In the afternoon, we went to Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

to attend a relative's baby shower..

Took this pic of my new haircut while I was there.. LOL.. :P