Thursday, July 21, 2011

Met my buddy, Sherlin, for lunch again today! LOL.. :p

As she was craving for ramen, we decided to check out the Japanese restaurant - Marutama Ramen @ The Central..

Look at her satisfied smile! Wahahaha! :D

and.. that's me! Wahahaha! ;D

After our lunch, I cabbed down to Laguna National Golf and Country Club for an appointment.. :)

Very nice place.. It was my 2nd time there.. My 1st visit there was some time back when I had lunch there with a group of my churchmates.. :)

Met up with Mr Jason who was the in-charge there..

Very nice guy.. :)

Hmm.. There were so many buggies there..

Which buggy should I pick? LOL.. ;P

Mr Jason, the in-charge, was very nice.. He drove me around the golf course in one! :)

Awesome! I had a ball of a time! Really enjoyed myself! :)

I left the place reluctantly after being there for one over hour & headed home from there..