Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An eventful & fruitful 5 day long weekend! :) (updated)

On Friday, which was the first day of my 5 day long weekend, I visited Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 2..

Had not been there for quite awhile..

Was there to visit the doctor, as I usually do whenever I don't feel well..

Lots of people are still puzzled and would always question me on why I would go all the way to the airport to visit the doctors as they hardly know of anyone who does so..

Well, the answer is already obvious in their question! Why I would go all the way there to see a doctor is because no one does so! So apart from the distance having to travel there & also the consultation fee may be steeper, but the best part of it all is... there's hardly a queue! :)

Everytime I visit the doctor there, I don't have to queue or wait long for my turn! How cool is that?! ;)

Anyway, after seeing the doctor that morning, I was prescribed with lots of medicine in which several may cause drowsiness, thus fortunately for me I chose not to drive that morning!

I boarded a bus instead! :)

‎It was my 1st time taking a bus ride after sooo long!

It's been a doggone looonnnggg time ever since I ever rode on 1..

Wanted to drive but did't wanna take the risk as I was on medication that'll cause drowsiness.. 如果吃藥會使你想睡,最好是不要駕車,搭個巴士還是安全點兒!

Thus, I rode the bus to Compass Point Shopping Centre where I met up with my "bro", Jason, for lunch..

He not only treated me to lunch, he even gave me a ride home in his car after our lunch.. ;)

Thanks, bro! Next one's on me! ;)

On Saturday morning, I brought both the boys for breakfast @ McDonald's™ Changi Airport Terminal 3..

My boys love that week's train design that comes free with the Happy Meal! They have all 4 designs collected from the past weeks now.. :)

There's light emitted from the train's engine..

That night, I stayed up to watch the Presidential Election 2011 results.. Wanted to know who'll be our next president..

Bored.. Took this pic that night @1.30am..

Our unit has the most privacy as it's a long walk to & fro the 8th floor lift lobby..

Sunday was shopping day with mum!

That afternoon, my mum & I met up @ OG Albert Street where we shopped for household items & products for my new home! :)

My mum chose this set of cutlery for my new home..

Thanks mum! I love the color! It's my favorite color - blue!

And thank you, grandma, for this little gift! :)

Thank you, mum, for buying all these dining crockery as a gift for my new home! :)

Thank you, mum, for this hot water flask! :)

Thank you, mum, for these placemats & coasters! :)

Thank you, mum, for this very bright & cheery-looking serving tray! :)

After shopping @ OG Albert Street, we went for dinner @ City Square Mall & followed by some more shopping @ Mustafa Centre where we shopped for Teachers' Day gifts for Shawn Ethan's school teachers..

Monday was a very busy day for me!

That morning itself, sent Jonathan Ezra, to playschool, then I brought Shawn Ethan to Toast Box @ Compass Point Shopping Centre to have breakfast..

Went shopping for household stuff..

Checked out a new playschool for Jonathan Ezra..

Went home just in time for the LG staff who came to wall mount the 42 inch LED TV in the living room!

After which I spent the entire afternoon, sweeping & mopping the entire house, washing clothes, etc..

Despite us having "ebony & ivory" (black & white) as the color theme for our new home, I just realized today that the household items I bought for use in the kitchen & service yard are all colorful! I couldn't resist.. LOL! :P