Monday, August 15, 2011

Visited VivoCity yesterday afternoon & we had our lunch at the Subway outlet there..

It was an afternoon of shopping @ VivoCity, followed by a trip down to Audiohouse @ Liang Court..

And we finally purchased a 42" inch latest LG Full HD Hard Panel LED LCD TV from Audiohouse for our new house's living room! :)

Bought a 22' inch one for our bedroom a few weeks back..

So there's 2 TVs in our new house.. :)

That evening, my mum, aunt & grandma came by to visit our new house & were very impressed by how huge it is! :)

After which we all went for dinner together at Fuli Seafood @ Hougang :)

Speaking of food...

This afternoon, I visited the ever-popular 328 Katong Laksa shop located along East Coast Road..

Had their hot, steamy, yummy, Laksa & Otah for lunch on a cold, rainy day..

Lovely! :)

I also happened to be @ East Coast Road this morning cos' I was there for an appointment

Before I left her office, she gave me this..

A HUGE "diamond ring"!!!

Wahahaha!!! ;D

A "Thank You" gift..

It's actually a Crystal Key Ring.. :)

Sweet... :)

The person who gave me this is the director of an advertising firm for wedding magazines, wedding shows etc..

So doesn't the above gift look familiar... like a "door gift" or "thank you gift" one receives at weddings?!

Cool, right? :)

That afternoon, I visited The Mattress Centre to check out mattresses for our new home!

We bought a queen sized Sleeptronics mattress, 2 single sized mattresses for the boys, 1 King Koil Therafirm Pillow, 1 Sleeptronic Memory Foam Pillow & 2 fibre pillows in total!

The sales lady decided to give us the King Koil Therafirm Pillow & the Sleeptronic Memory Foam Pillow as complimentary free gifts! :)

So nice of her! :)

It all amounted to more than a thousand dollars.. :P

All that we bought will be delivered to our new home on Wednesday evening.. :)