Monday, August 1, 2011

The long awaited sneak peeks (pics) of our new house @ Compassvale Beacon. This is our 2nd new house in Sengkang!

Service Yard after the kitchen..

Bathroom tiles..

Interesting designs..

All water pipes can't be seen as all are hidden under false ceilings such as these..

Bathroom mirror in our master bedroom bathroom..

We chose this design to match the bathroom tiles..

Bathroom mirror in our common bathroom..

It's fixed lower specially for the boys..

Water Heaters were fixed some time back..

Living Room Ceiling Lights fixed & so are our house's window grilles..

Specially ordered for these made-to-measure "Doraemon blue" curtains as blue is my favourite color!

Our kitchen..

Everything's ebony & ivory..

Black & white..

Beautiful.. :)

The dish drying metal rack is hidden behind the black panel above the sink..

Cool design.. :)

The contractor did it wrongly at first & it was not the design we wanted..

We insisted he amended it, which he did..

Our fridge, so coincidentally, is white as well..

Our hob..

Guess why I chose this color & design?

Look closely..

The black surface has colorful specks on it! LOL.. :p

Our Kitchen Ceiling Light..

These beat those ugly-looking colorful bamboo poles used for hanging clothes to dry anytime! LOL.. :p

Vanity mirror by the main door..

Given by my aunt & it'll come in very useful for vain people like me to take a peep at ourselves before we step out of the house! LOL.. :p