Thursday, August 25, 2011

This week..

Had the opportunity to visit a very new building in town early this week.. :)

Asia Square Towers..

Find out all about this new building at this website:

As usual, I knocked off work early on several days this week..

Haven't visited the library@Esplanade for some time, thus I went there this afternoon to return my library book & also chilled there for awhile.. :)

Love that place..

It's one of my favourite places to hang out..

A peaceful & quiet place to chill out.. Check out on the latest performing arts programs.. Browse thru' music score books, music books, classical music albums, music & movie DVDs.. Listen to musicians practise on their violins & piano @ the piano room..

Lovely! :)

This week is coming to an end & the excitement is building because Singapore is gonna hold its Presidential Election this coming Saturday!

This year's an exciting year..

A happening General Election & now an exciting Presidential Election..

All 4 nominated candidates are very good..

Up till this point, I'm still deciding who should I vote for.. :p

While Singapore's busy preparing for our Presidential Election, U.S. is also busy preparing for the worst as Hurricane Irene is expected to worsen & hit U.S. East Coast..

Let's not forget to keep U.S. in our prayers!


Here's me wishing all Singaporeans a Happy Presidential Election Day in advance!

Here's a little something from me to all Singaporeans reading this blog post..

Enjoy! (I've already had mine earlier this afternoon..) LOL.. :d