Saturday, September 24, 2011

Movies I've watched this week & last..

Watched these movies on DVD last weekend..

Priest (2011)

Sanctum (2011)

Awesome movies~!!!

Watched Don't Be Afraid of The Dark with Ayub at WE Cinema @ Suntec City on Thursday afternoon..

Produced & written by Guillermo del Toro - the guy who gave us "Pan's Labyrinth" & "Hell Boy"

Shall not give away any spoilers here..

All I can say is it's an awesome American horror movie!!! :)

Very exciting, very thrilling & keeps one at the edge of his/her seat throughout the entire movie! :)

That's the 2 of us, waiting for the movie to start.. :p

That afternoon we also had Thai food for lunch @ Millenia Walk.. :)

Thai Phood!!! Wahahaha!!! ;D