Sunday, October 30, 2011

29th Oct 2011 - Jonathan Ezra's Playgroup 2 Schoolhouse Concert! (^_^)

Our dear boy, Jonathan Ezra, loves to be the centre of attraction! LOL!

(Below)(Centre of photo)

And also rising to the occasion! LOL!

(Below)(Centre of photo)

(Below)(Centre left of photo)

(Below)(Centre right of photo)

A play about fairies by Playgroup 2..

Jonathan Ezra's acting as a tree fairy.. LOL!

We see a potential "star"! Haha! (^_-)

(Below)(Centre of photos)

Jonathan Ezra Chua Xue Feng - Our "superstar" of the day!


Hi Tree Fairy!


Tree Fairy says Hi back! (^_^)

The "superstar" with his 姑姑,Mabel Eva! (^_^)


The "superstar" with his 姑丈,Joshua!(^_^)


The "superstar" with his daddy, Michael! (^_^)


Family pic! (^_^)