Thursday, February 9, 2012

My family & close friends celebrated my birthday for 3 days in a row this year! (^_^)

On my birthday, 6th of February 2012, my car got to enjoy first...

Had my car washed, waxed & vacuumed at the petrol station on the morning of my actual birthday..

Then in the afternoon, I met up with Mike for lunch at Sakae Sushi..

Followed by a pedicure, foot spa & back massage session at Nails By The Good Earth..

That evening, I drove over to Gallop Gables (where Juliana's residing) to meet up with my BFFs - Sharon, Seng Yan & Juliana, where they celebrated my birthday..(^_^)

This year, I've had one of the best birthday celebrations ever! (^_^)

My family & close friends celebrated my birthday for 3 days in a row this year! (^_^)

Without much further ado, following (below) are the photos taken during my 3 days of birthday celebrations 2012 (^_^)...

4th of February 2012.. @ my in-law's residence in Lengkong Tiga..

Birthday cake (photo taken in lomo mode) bought by sis-in-law!

Thanks for the celebration, cake & pressie, sis! (^_^)

My family! (photos taken in lomo mode)

 Jonathan Ezra Chua Xue Feng..

5th of February 2012.. My birthday dinner with my maternal family @ Nakhon Kitchen.. (^_^)

My beloved maternal grandma.. 我親愛的外婆。。 (^_^)

My aunt! 阿姨!(^_^)

6th of February 2012 (actual day).. Lunch with Mike @ Sakae Sushi!

We are sushi lovers! Look at our plates! LOL! :p

6th of February 2012 (actual day).. My BFFs bought this very pretty birthday cake for me! Love ya guys! (^_^)

That's me, blowing the candles on my birthday cake.. (^_^)

That's me, cutting my birthday cake.. (^_^)

Dearie Sharon cutting the cake for us.. (^_^)

My BFFs for more than 12 years! Love ya guys! (^_^)

[sorry for the blur, out-of-focus photo, the person who took the photo didn't know how to use my phone camera] :/

My BFFs bought me a very pretty Swarovski blue crystals pen! (^_^)

Check out the blue crystals! (^_^)