Thursday, March 1, 2012

Random pics (some taken via my iPhone 4 32GB) this week..

My healthy lunch @ The Herbal Bar on Tuesday afternoon..

Brown rice, green vegetables, Ginseng Chicken soup brewed with herbs, herbal tea..

For Singaporeans born in the 70's, doesn't this bring back wonderful childhood memories? (^_^)

Went for dinner at Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk on Tuesday night.. We had our dinner at Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen.. 

Here's a pic of the place during the day..

Photos courtesy from

Cup Walker..

Yet another "brand" of bubble tea in Singapore which I've tried this week..

Yesterday was a special day as it was a day that only happens once a leap year..

It was also the last day of work for one of my colleagues, Jennifer..

She decided to leave her job to become a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mum).

She's someone special to me cos' if it's not for her, I would not be who I am in my company now..

She has helped me & many others around her lots & we all love her..

Thus we'll definitely miss having her around..

All the best, Jennifer (centre of photo)!!! We'll definitely miss you!!!

As usual, being an all-time movie fan since I was a kid, I watch movies almost all the time.. Whether it be at the cinemas or on DVD..

Watched several movies on DVD the past few weeks..

(Click on the movie title links to view more details of each movie)




2012 Oscar Winner of the 84th Academy Award under the category of Animated Feature Film




And there are a few more DVDs which hubby bought but I have yet to watch..



After watching The 84th Academy Awards Ceremony 2012 event on TV, there are sooo many more beautiful films I wanna watch!

Look forward to watching these films!

(Click on the link below to view the titles)