Monday, May 28, 2012

Busy with personal stuff these few days..

Sent the car for inspection this morning..

Went to pay road tax & renew car insurance..

Bought a new iPhone 4S 32GB(White) just now..

It's awesome not having to queue everywhere I go.. (^_^)

Car Inspection: Passed!

Road Tax & Car Insurance: Renewed!

Now I have 3 phones! My other 2 are iPhone 4 32GB(Black)
(Sorry for the bad lighting when I took this photo) :P

& Blackberry Curve..

(Any takers? LOL!)

Finally went to visit my hairstylist last Friday to get my hair trimmed, washed & styled..

Feels good, looks good & head feels lighter now..

I love my hairstylist.. (^_^)