Saturday, June 9, 2012

It's been a busy but enjoyable week!

Brought the boys to watch Madagascar 3 this afternoon!

And we enjoyed it tremendously!


Freaking awesome!!! I laughed from the beginning till the end of the movie!

I rate it the best out of the 3!

Here's pics of the boys in the cinema..

Movie.. Popcorn.. Hotdogs.. Drinks.. Awesome!

Hi there! Join me?




And before the movie, I drove them to Pasir Ris Beach Park in the afternoon..

The 2 diggers... Digging for gold???!!!

Had these for lunch on one of the days this week..

Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff Soup & Caesar Salad for lunch from The Soup Spoon


And once again..

Doraemon & Bubble Tea Mania.. :p

Bought these from Yamakawa.. (^_^)

LOTTE Doraemon Maple Pancake

LOTTE Capuccho Doraemon Cookie

Doraemon Snacks

Milk Bubble Tea from Tea Degree

감사합니다, ありがとう, 豬頭!哈哈!

Movies (on DVD) of the week...

Watched these movies on DVD this week..


Watched B+ The Detective 2 (2011) sometime in April & I'm really really impressed by Aaron Kwok's outstanding performance in both C+ & B+!
He really deserved to win the best actor award for both!

Haeundae (2009)

Ok.. Apart from the fact that this is the brand name of my car, the special effects used in this movie was impressive! (^_-)

Green Lantern

Video of the week...

BIGBANG - YG On Air ▶ WINGS (날개) by Daesung (Solo)