Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another busy week has passed.. Another busy one ahead! -_-"

In the midst of my busyness... 난 당신을 생각하게 ... あなたがいなくて寂しいです... -.-

And 最討厭被人家誤會的感覺。。。

But I got over it after awhile cos' I have these 2 fantastic guys to cheer me up! ^^

Check out this video which made my day! ^^

BigBang’s Seungri dances to Psy’s “Gangnam Style” 

Thanks, Seungri, for cheering me up & making my day! ^_^

And G-Dragon's ONE OF A KIND MV was finally released yesterday!

It's really awesome!!!

I LOVE G-Dragon, Tae Yang, TOP... BIGBANG'S AWESOME!!! ^^

The video was just released at 12 midnight yesterday & it has already received 3 million views!!!

WOW! Fantastic Baby! ^^


I've learnt out of experience that it never pays to be kind, so instead of being too kind, be one of a kind & I'm proud to be one!

No FAKING about that!

There's only one of me in this world!

How awesome is that! ^^

And without much further ado, here are some snapshots I took via Instagram the past week!

Doraemon Lollipops! ^^

ありがとう, "豚"! ^^

Doraemon Handphone Pouch! ^^

To whomever you are who left me this gift... Thank you.. 謝謝你.. 고맙습니다.. ありがとう.. ~♥

Bought this snack & it is 맛있는! ^^

Specially bought Teens Magazine last week because I spotted Super Junior on its cover!!! 


And guess who's featured in the centerfold of the magazine?!
My all-time favorite BIG BANG!!! ^_^

Simon & Garfunkel Chicken Ragout soup & Caesar's salad for lunch.. ^^

Join me, guys? ^_-

Jonathan Ezra says: "WHAT??!! IT'S FRIDAY ALREADY??!! T.G.I.F everybody!!! ^^

Love... ^_-

Eeew... Who did this to the mike?! O.o -_-"

And to conclude this blog post as I'm feeling sleepy & wanna go catch some sleep already..

Here is something for all of you..

Remember this always... 

I love you, guys.. ^_^