Friday, September 7, 2012

私はあなたを逃すべきではない自分に言い聞かせておくが 私はありませ...

I'm sorry that was just me "emo-ing" for awhile.. :p

Drove up to meet my maternal family earlier this week & sent each one of them home..

Seeing them happy, having them appreciating me, seeing my grandmother smile & her kissing my cheek, all these was enough to make my day & week.. ^^

September 3rd was Doraemon's 100th birthday!!!

Happy 100th Birthday, Doraemon!!!

I love you since young & always will!!! ^^ 

You are my life-time partner & always will be!!! 

Thanks for being my sleeping partner every night... Kekeke... ^^

I've been so busy these days that many times I was not able to have my breakfast & lunch! :( ~!@#$%^&* :p

So finally, after many days of persistence, I fell sick yesterday..

Though it ain't serious with just a slight fever, flu, runny nose, sore throat & slight cough, I decided to take a rest from work yesterday & drove to see my doc & got hold of some meds..

Had some good rest time yesterday.. ^^

Also slept earlier than usual the night before..


To some of ya: Sorry about what I texted the night before... My phone was drunk... ROFL! LMAO!

And to conclude this post, here's this week's photos I took via Instagram.. ^^

Damn! My wrist is getting heavier now with these recent collection of colorful beads... But I like them! ^^ Heehee.. ^^

What's up, everybody! Peace yo! ^_-

Join me for lunch, peeps? ^_-

Wow! Do you see what I see??? ~ ♥

*Warning* Beware of me... I'm an animal... Grrrowl... ㅋㅋㅋ Kekeke...

And here's leaving you with 2 videos for the week...

An acoustic version of the song - Flower Rock by FT Island

& also the music video teaser for their title song - 좋겠어(I Wish) for FT ISLAND's upcoming 4th album FIVE TREASURE BOX.

The title song of the 4th album 좋겠어(I Wish) is a pop song with the band arrangement, where you can hear acoustic guitar and trumpet with the very western music feel to it.

The album will be released on September 10th..

Here's the music video teaser:

Enjoy! ^^