Saturday, September 15, 2012

Good morning, everybody! 大家早安!안녕하십니까!おはようございます! Here's wishing all of you a great day & weekend ahead! Fighting! (^-^)/

It's been a really busy & happening week with the releases of 2 new albums.. meeting up with close pals.. busy with my stuff etc..

So after weeks of teasers, here's presenting...

FT Island's 4th album - Five Treasure Box

Full track list for the album:

1. 좋겠어 (I wish)
2. 너의 말 (Your Words)
3. Stay with me
4. U (All I want is you)
5. 보내주자…
6. Paper Plane
7. WANNA GO (세상 끝나지 않는 노래)
9. Compass (그 길)
10. Let it go!

For more photos & pictures of FT Island, check out 
FNC [CNBlue & FT Island] photo album (which is updated regularly), on my FaceBook Timeline..


FTISLAND 4th ALBUM "FIVE TREASURE BOX" title song [좋겠어] (I wish) M/V

Here's clips of FT Island's Five Treasure Box Photo Shoots

And definitely not forgetting...

Online release G-Dragon's 1st mini album - One of A Kind (15th of September 2012)

Album release (18th of September 2012)

Track list for G-Dragon's 1st mini album "One of A Kind"

Warning: AWESOME STUFF!!! ^__^



Again for more photos & pictures of BIGBANG & G-DRAGON etc..
Check out BIGBANG ALBUM (which is updated regularly), on my FaceBook Timeline

I absolutely adore BIGBANG... ^^

Was elated to finally have some time to be able to meet up with a few of my dearest buddies earlier this week..

We met up at Ju's house & had ourselves a great time! Like what my bud, Sharon, says..

Hilarious, treasured moments yet again... ^_^

Love you pals.. ^_^

Took these snapshots while we were there..

Guess what was I doing when 3 of my dearest buddies were chatting... Kekeke... :p

Notty me... ^_-

Sharon intently listening to Ju's "philosophy"... And I took a snapshot of them without them knowing... Kekeke... :p

Our very yummy & delicious dinner specially prepared with love by our dearest buddy - Ju! ^__^

We celebrated Ju's birthday in advance!!! Love ya, gal!!! ^__^

And needless to say, I enjoy taking pics via Instagram very often, thus again, I didn't fail to take some more pics via Instagram this week...

@ 내 부모의 집 .. 저항 할 수 없었습니다 .. ㅋㅋㅋ

@ 내 부모의 집 ..

@ Pan Pacific Hotel ^_-

Lunch! ^__^

Garden Salad & Matcha Latte Bubble Tea..

Jap food & sushi for dinner @ Nihon Mura

Salmon & Cream Pasta with Mushroom @ Pepper Lunch.. ♥

Watched Marvel's The Avengers again this week.. But this time.. on DVD.. ^_^

Love this movie.. I don't mind watching it a dozen times! ^_^

Dyed my hair maroon red on Thursday but damn! It is only obvious under bright lights... -_-"

I'm planning to visit my hairstylist again next week & get a brighter color done.. LOL!

Only then I'll take a pic for you guys to see, k? LOL! ^_-

And to conclude this post, here's leaving you guys with a Music Video of a song I really like..

I believe all of you may have heard this song by now..

Hope you enjoy it!

Chaoz.. Adios.. Sayonara.. for now! ^^

Taylor Swift's latest Music Video - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together