Sunday, January 27, 2013

I'm living the good life.. :)

Last Sunday morning, my mum called me & mentioned that she, together with my aunts & maternal grandma was in Chinatown so that afternoon I drove down to Chinatown to pick them up..

They wanted to go for dinner thereafter..

Thus I brought them to Tandoor Curry Club for dinner..

It was awesome!

The food & service there's really good!

Highly recommended!

We left feeling extremely satisfied!

Here's the pics I took while I was there..

I couldn't resist purchasing this last week.. :P


This one too..

Boy London.. ;)

Met up with an Instagram
friend - Cesar, just before he flew back to Madrid last Tuesday..

Thanks for the homemade sponge cake, bro..

It tastes good!

Am really glad I could meet you again before you fly back to Madrid..

Look forward to seeing ya again the next time!


Ding Dang!

Old School! :)

Bought these for an Instagram friend - Melvyn..

They've changed the packaging! And the toys that comes with it inside is bigger than usual!

I've tried Milo Dinosaur before, this is my first time trying Horlick Dinosaur! ㅋㅋㅋ

Very nice & refreshing! :)

Had this for lunch last week..


Very nice! :)

Gold & Diamonds.. ;)

Ok.. These are all mine.. And I have matching necklaces that comes with them..

My favourite is the Chanel..

Met up with my buddy, Amanda, for lunch & tea last Wednesday..

Drove to Chang Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Dempsey..

The food & service there was good..

I was freaking full after..

However, despite feeling full, we still headed to House cafe @ Dempsey next for tea.. ;p

Love the place & ambience! :)

Following are the photos I took while we were there.. :)

Finally back!

Time for 日本語の宿題 & リビジョン!


I was passing by a confectionery the other day & I spotted a dog sitting all by himself along the pavement..

He's such an adorable dog! I couldn't resist taking a photo of him!

He was waiting obediently without moving an inch on the spot where his owner left him!

His owner was inside a confectionery buying some bread while he was waiting so patiently & obediently outside!

I was blown away by his patience & obedience..

I patted him & complimented him for being such a good boy!

And he allowed me to take his photo!

So かわい!❤❤❤

You say swag, I say check!

Yeah, I'm a badass!

Let's party, people!

Drink, drank, drunk
.. last Friday night..

Visited Wee's Vintage Collection yesterday...

I died & went to vintage heaven.. LOL!!!

Vintage phones!


Vintage Diamond Clocks!

They were everywhere!!!

Do you remember the time.. when we fell in love.. ?

Vintage heaven!!!

Let's take it one step at a time..

I'm so happy & grateful I have your hand to hold till we grow old..