Sunday, January 6, 2013

Photos Galore! [Took lots of photos while I was traveling around last week!]

As I took lots of photos last week while I was traveling around.. I shall proceed to let my photos do most of the talking here today.. :P

Most of which I've already uploaded onto my Instagram account last week.. ;)

Gifts I've received from HongKong this week.. :)






Peranakan.. Yes, that's what my ancestors are.. I'm not pure Chinese.. I'm mixed.. :)


Love the retro-looking signboard on the left... ;p

Love the wall art! Swag! :)

Hey Mr Postman! Do ya have a letter for me? ^_- 

(Gosh! These looks so old-school, they remind me of my childhood days when there wasn't such a thing as the internet & when emails have not even existed yet!)

What lies above...

Retro clocks!!! Classic!!!

Beautiful antique radios!


Take me for a ride...

Type me a story, dear writer...  A story that will live forever...

Nothing beats mummy's home-cooked food.. Mummy's cooking is & always will be the best.. 

Test ride?

Blue Ray Heaven...

Unexpected food in an unexpected place.. ^_-


What's for dinner?

Messy Jajangmyeon & spicy rice cake with kimchi for dinner.. :d


Do you spot me? ^_- According to the Chinese Zodiac, this year is MY year! 

Yes, I'm a snake! :)


(But I have no idea what this is until a friend mentioned that it's a portable tv & radio cassette player.. LOL!!!)

Excuse me while I have this obsession with accessories such as spectacles & bracelets these days.. LOL! Have drawers full of them! :p

The gal attending to me at the shop was so sweet & helpful..

She even actually said I'm cool... *blush*