Saturday, March 16, 2013

It's been 2 busy weeks of F's for me... Nah.. What were you thinking about? LOL! "F"s as in Food.. Fun.. Friends..!!! ^_^

Yeah! The past 2 weeks had been eventful for me & as usual, my life is always, as what my friends always describe as: - "happening"... ^__^

So here's a note of caution...

What's coming up next in this blog post is gonna be... photos galore!:P

So don't say I didn't warn ya... Kekeke... LOL!!!

March 4, 2013:

Was rummaging thru' a drawer in my console & guess what I found... ^_-

This is it.. Yes, I love MJ/MichaelJackson.. Always have & always will & That's my f**king problem! ;p

March 5, 2013:

Finally managed to squeeze out a couple of hours today to meet a pal of mine, Celia, for lunch! ^_^

Yeah! We finally could meet up! ^_^

Picked her up from her workplace & then drove to P.S. Cafe where we spent a couple of hours there chatting over lunch..

We had a great time! ^_^

Here's what we had for lunch..

Lunch with Celia @ P.S cafe..

So happy to be able to meet you up finally!

March 6, 2013:

My "fuel" for the long day ahead!

March 7, 2013:

Wrapped up work early today!

收工咯!My Kimchi Soup for lunch! 맛있는! ^^

These Korean snacks are dope!

Hey! Wait a minute..

Ain't I supposed to be doing my Japanese ふくしゅう??!!…

♥ ♥ ♥ :)

March 10, 2013:

This is so dope!

Having this while waiting for my car tyres to be inspected..

(Yeah.. My car tyres were suspected of being kinda out of air due to a slight accident which occurred the afternoon I met Celia for lunch..

As I was driving out of the carpark that afternoon.. Due to the narrow driveway, I "bumped" the right back corner of my car against the kerb & scratched some paint off the right back corner of my car, very close to where my right rear tyre of my car is..

There's also a slight dent there now.. :(

Thus I brought my car to get my tyres inspected as well as the right rear tyre could have also been scratched, which may cause some air to escape from it..)

Got my Cartier swag today..

Cartier Love Bracelet & Ring in Rose Gold with Diamonds..

Happy! ^_^

March 12, 2013:

I was warmly invited & welcomed onto another planet today!

The planet of superheroes!


Met the Transformers: Optimus Prime & Bumblebee.

Ironman too! & he also showed me his latest Iron Pact Suit in preparation for Ironman 3!


March 13, 2013:

Chilling before my Jap. class

Tonight... Tired... -_-

March 14, 2013:

Visited Books Actually this afternoon..

Spotted this cat which is a residential cat @ Books Actually..

So pretty!!!

I'm in love!!!


And while I was in the vicinity, I also had my lunch @ an art cafe there..

Nice ambience! ^_^

Chef's Special of the day! ^^

Spaghetti Vongole!

March 15, 2013: