Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fashion.. Food.. Fun.. Friends.. Family.. etc..

Yes.. Apart from always being busy with work, my life is never lack of & filled with all of the "f"s above & all are equally important to me; to live a balanced & fulfilled life..

In fact, there's more to that, and I believe everyone knows that.. ;)

So what was I up to this week?

Definitely enjoying all of the above "f"s, of course!

Went for 늦은 밤 영화 with da gang!

Despicable Me 2!

Love it! ^_^

OOTD aka Outfit of the Day!

(Dressed casually in leopard print baggy pants & "bling bling" slippers, both are gifts from special people!)

Thank you!


Finally watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on DVD this week!

It's such a beautiful film!!!

Love it so much!

F. Scott Fitzgerald is such a genius!

I am so glad that I finally watched it!

It's such a beautiful film that it will leave one with such a deep impression that even after the movie ends, I'm still tearing...

So amazing...

Love this quote from F.Scott Fitzergerald which I've uploaded onto my Instagram as well..


Here's an Andy Warhol art piece!

(which I have..)

Love his works!

Especially his "Campbell soup cans" pop art series.. ^_^

Yup, I have that piece at home.. ^_^

And not to forget that I also had fun with Ted this week.. LOL!

Drink.. Drank.. Drunk with drinking thunderbuddy Ted! LOL! 


Was reading the Bible on the morning of the first day of August & this verse really encouraged & motivated me! ^__^


Food pics for the week!

Met up with my best friend for dinner on Wednesday night & here's what I had!

Hokkaido Tonkutsu Ramen!


Jerry's Grilled Salmon Fish Fillet was really nice for dinner on Thursday night.. LOL!


Spotted & bought this very adorable looking Hello Kitty bun for a team mate of mine who loves Hello Kitty! LOL!


And last but not least, here's a super short vid I posted on Instagram to cheer up your day! LOL!!!

Dinosaur!!! LOL!!!

Enjoy!!! LOL!!!