Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I'm back! Sorry for not updating here for the past 2 weeks! Was away and busy as usual.. Thus forgive me while this blog post's gonna be full of uploaded photos & pics!!! ;p

I'm gonna start off by posting this Bible verse which has been in my mind the past week..

So true indeed!


Managed to squeeze some time in the midst of my busyness to finally watch the awards-winning film - Life of Pi

And I totally love it! :)

The cinematography & visual effects were so beautiful!!!

It is no wonder why the film has won so many academy awards!


ok.. Here's just a random pic I took while I was at this boutique on a Sunday evening..


Maison Martin Margiela!

Of food & drinks, here goes..

Took a breakkie at Wendy's one of the days last week..

Their Root Beer float & strawberry milkshake weren't bad at all! :)

Had sashimi time @ Nihon Mura!

Not too bad either

Campbell's Tomato Juice..

Had been drinking these lately..

Not bad! Healthy & tasty! ;)

On the evening of the 9th of August,  I watched the Singapore National Day Parade in High Definition cable TV.

It was so pretty!

Check out the beautiful fireworks!

Happy 48th Birthday, Singapore!


Memories... :)

Baskin Robbins' ice cream & milkshakes are nice!

Tried their Pistachio and Almond milkshake this week..

So dope!

누가 나와 함께 숟가락을 원하십니까? ;P


It was a rainy day yesterday...

Went to check out some art installations during my break time! ^_^

Dope art..

Ok, this is it!

It is 4am in the morning & I'm gonna go catch some sleep..

It's gonna be another busy day & week ahead for me as usual..

So here's me wishing all of ya a great day & week ahead!

Love all of ya lots!

Sending all my hugs & kisses your way!

And here's yours truly, signing off this blog post with this vid I've uploaded onto my Instagram recently..