Friday, November 1, 2013

My muse...

All my life, to my friends & family members, I'm usually known as someone who seems tough & even seem unapproachable or intimidating at times but once they get to know me well, they'll find out that I'm actually "soft" on the inside..

Sad to say that it's also due to this reason that along the way, I've came across "friends" who realize this & there were times I've been taken for granted/taken advantage of when I treat people well..

I always believe in treating everyone I come across in life with love & respect, and yes, I'll never fail to do whatever I can to help or please them as I treat them as "friends" without realizing that it may not be so on the other end & at the end of the day, they do not reciprocate and not only that, they weren't even grateful or thankful in anyway, but turn their backs on me..

Yes, I've learnt the hard way a couple of times, finding out for myself who are my true friends & who aren't.. But that has never stop me or will ever stop me from being who I am & continuing to be who I am.. I am who I am & will always be..

So to all my true friends out there.. I will always love & respect you & to those who aren't, you know who you are..

Like the saying goes.. What goes around, comes around.. God bless all of you..