Saturday, August 21, 2010

A "brother" of mine was not able to meet me for a drink yesterday cos' he could not find his car keys before leaving home!!!


Yeah! As usual, this "brother" of mine, Kenneth, is always so comical! :P

Yo bro! You know I'm talking about you! And I bet you're gonna read this blog post cos' you're my all-time blog fan, ya? LOL.. *winks* ;)


Alright, I shall not tease you any further.. But I really could not help laughing at you! LOL.. :p

You are always so funny! :P

Anyway, it's ok that you weren't able to meet me after your mishap, no worries cos' I'd also still managed to spent the afternoon heading down to Orchard Paragon

after leaving Tanjong Pagar..

Went there to pass somethings to another "brother" of mine, Jian Yu, at his workplace there.. :)

And while I was there, I also visited the bank to obtain some information.

After which, I travelled down to Yishun to meet my mum & Shawn Ethan, for dinner at Northpoint Shopping Centre.. :)