Friday, August 13, 2010

Thank God my dad has been discharged from the hospital yesterday! :)

When he was admitted into the hospital 2 over weeks ago due to his prolonged cough, the doctor found some water in his lungs..

He was then treated using many methods, such as, being administered to with antibiotics... having water drained from his lungs via a thin tube inserted into his sides... & lastly, having a simple surgery done to completely remove all the unwanted water in his lungs...

He is doing fine now.. :)

Thus the doctor says he can be discharged from the hospital, however, he has been instructed to concentrate on recuperating at home for the next 3 weeks & given leave from his work/business till then..

He was happy & relieved to be discharged.. :)

We went to fetch him home from the hospital after he was discharged yesterday afternoon.. :)