Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Collected my company laptop from the IT department today! :)

Each of our company staff's issued with a Fujitsu laptop each..

Thus, the same goes for me! :)

Will upload the pic of my brand new Fujitsu Lifebook S series here soon! LOL.. ;)

It comes with a laptop bag, laptop sleeve, charger, adapter, USB cables, mouse, etc etc etc.. And it has Windows 7 Operating System all set up by our IT guys! :)

Sweet!!! :)

It looks so pretty & slick, it's even nicer-looking than my own personal Acer laptop.. :P

Finally visited *SCAPE Mall yesterday! ;p

*SCAPE Mall is located at 2 Orchard Link.

It was my first time visiting the mall ever since it was officially opened in June 2010.

I was there to visit my customer - 海蝶森林 Ocean Butterflies Music Pte Ltd, whose office is located on the 4th floor.. :)