Friday, September 10, 2010

First is company laptop.. Now is company mobile phone! :)

Latest information given is that we are supposed to select a mobile phone from M1, sign up for the corporate plan & our company pays for it!!!

Smashingly awesome!!! :)

*Sighz in contentment*

I'm really so happy & contented working for this awesome, super huge, very reputable company.. :)

Making the decision to leave my previous company where I worked for almost 6 years was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my entire life! :)

I was so happy when I finally decided to leave then & am so happy that I've never ever regretted that I left until this very day! :)

It's been such an honor and blessing to have been offered such an awesome job position with my current company & am so happy that I made the decision to accept their job offer then, which comes with it such awesome benefits! :)

(Refer to the blog post titled & dated: Saturday, August 28, 2010)
In fact, I am so happy working with my current company now that I've never ever been so happy working in my entire working life! :)

Thank God for everything! :)

He's always so good to me! :)

I'm so fortunate & blessed that He has always been blessing me with all the best things in my entire life! :)

I have a very blessed life.. :)


I am also so happy to see quite a handful of my ex-company colleagues here! :)

We are also happy that we are enjoying ourselves here..

I am so happy & glad when I heard that a few more of our ex-colleagues from our ex-company is coming over to join us soon too! :)

Looking forward to seeing them very soon! :)

Random Pics..

As promised in my previous blog post..

Here's pics of my brand new Fujitsu Lifebook S series provided by my company.. :)

One of the coffee machines in my office building..

The Mocha is yummy! :)