Friday, October 15, 2010

I love my job.. :)

I enjoy my work & enjoy doing what I do.. :)

I have the most awesome job ever.. :)

I don't have to report to office in the morning or evening.. :)

I am hardly in office.. :)

It is a stress-free job.. :)

It is not a sales job.. :)

I get a relatively & considerably high pay.. :)

I have awesome teammates & colleagues.. :)

I get to meet lots of people everyday.. :)

I also get to visit places too.. :)

Thus, in the course of my work, I also get the opportunity to make lots of new friends.. :)

I have, the maximum, only 2 appointments a day.. :)

My appointments are arranged by a co-ordinator in such a way that they are often near my residence, if not, they are in town/city/central area.. :)

Occasionally, I may need to travel to the West.. But I, seriously, do not mind as we travel everywhere via taxi to all our destinations, (in fact, the irony is, we are encouraged to..) & we are able to claim every single cent from our company.. :)

When my morning appointments are near my residence, I can wake up later in the mornings, spend more time with my family, and head straight to my customer's place from home as we do not need to report to office in the morning.. :)

Either that, or when my afternoon appointments are near my residence, I can reach home earlier after work in the afternoons, as I head back home straight from my customer's place, as we do not need to report back to office after our day's appointments.. :)

My job allows me to, not only, spend more time with my family, but also allows me & gives me lots of opportunity & time to meet up with my friends, buddies & close ones for lunch or tea during weekdays! :)

For example, just this week alone, I was able to meet up with different friends & buddies for lunch or tea @ Suntec City, Raffles Place, City Square Mall, Bugis, Holland Village, Novena area.. etc.. :)

Once again.. I love my job.. I love this prestigious multinational company I work for.. :)

Now I know & understand why they are rated as one of the top-ranking companies that people would want to work for.. :)

Personalized Doraemon Name Stickers!!! =)

While I was @ United Square Mall today, I got myself some customized Doraemon Name Stickers.. =)

Personalized my name on the Doraemon Name Stickers so that I could stick them on my belongings..

Hehe.. Doraemon.. My all-time favourite Japanese Anime cartoon character! =)