Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A fun Sunday afternoon (17th of October 2010) @ Sentosa's Siloso Beach :)

Thank God for blessing us with very nice weather on Sunday afternoon.. :)

Brought the boys to Sentosa's Siloso Beach on Sunday afternoon, 17th of October 2010.. :)

We had a great time! :)

As usual, the boys got all wet & wild before they even hit the beach!

Siloso Beach.. :)

After all the fun, we had our lunch @ Sakae Izakaya Japanese Restaurant, which is located just by the beach.. :)

Shawn Ethan looks on.. mesmerized by the moves made by the Teppanyaki Chef as he cooks our lunch..

Wondering what was it that both boys were staring at???......

Nope.. It was not a bikini-clad babe which had strolled past us......

But it was this......

Genmai Japanese Tea.. :)

Jonathan Ezra enjoying his fried rice.. :)

Ordered their Teppanyaki Premium Seafood Set & their Teppanyaki Premium Venison Set..

Here were some dishes I managed to take a snapshot of.. ;p

Venison.. Salmon.. Chawamushi.. Fried Rice.. Cold salad.. :d

These mushrooms were delicious! :d

So were their vegetables! :d

Their prawns, scallops, bamboo clam, etc. were yummy! :d

Shawn Ethan enjoying his Carbonara Pasta.. :)

See the satisfied smile on Shawn Ethan's face.. :)

Well, not only did he & his younger brother enjoyed themselves in Sentosa, they were all grins too, when I bought them The Natural Confectionary & Co. gummy sweets, as well as these pairs of very cute & adorable sunglasses (one of which he's wearing now..)... =)

Also bought myself a grey Longchamp Planètes Large Tote Bag during the weekend.. ;p