Thursday, May 12, 2011

At present, I'm searching for these film titles & their DVDs and as much as I've tried, they are kinda tough to be found in Singapore..

(Ok ok.. I admit I've not tried hard enough.. Hey.. I'm damn busy with lots of other stuff too, k?)

Any of you guys have any idea where to find them in Singapore?

My last resort is.. I'm gonna order them from the States..

Here are they..

Better Luck Tomorrow (2002)

Official Selection - Sundance Film Festival - 2002

Official Selection - Toronto International Film Festival - 2002

Grand Jury Prize Nomination - Sundance Film Festival - 2002

Independent Spirit Awards - John Cassavetes Award Nomination - 2004

Better Luck Tomorrow (2002) Movie Trailer :

The Motel (2005)

Won Humanitas Prize - Sundance Film Category - 2005

Nominated Independent Spirit Award - Best First Feature - 2007

Won Producers Award - 2005

Unofficial director's cut of the trailer for the film - The Motel (2005) :

Undoing (2006)

The theatrical trailer for UNDOING (2006) :

Finishing The Game (2007)

Won Special Jury Prize - VC FilmFest-Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival - 2007

"Official Trailer" of Justin Lin's FINISHING THE GAME (2007) :