Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rain's coming!!! ;)

I had never taken a liking to any Korean actors in my life, however, for the past few years, there are 3 whom I have noticed & taken a great liking to.. ;)

And these 3 have got my attention as they have all appeared in Hollywood movies for several years now & definitely in more than 1..

Sung Kang's one of them.. He's a nice guy.. *winks* ;)

*Hey, Sung, hope you're seeing this.. Haha!! ;D*

I love the ever-so-sexy & ever-so-manly Lee Byung Hun..

And I absolutely love.. Rain

He's coming to Singapore again soon.. :)

At the meantime, I've selected a few of his MVs which I like & have uploaded here for your viewing pleasure..

Enjoy! ;d

Bi Rain - Hip Song
(Live on KBS)

Bi Rain - Love Song

Bi Rain-Rainism [HD]

Bi Rain- I'm Coming [HD]

Bi Rain - It's Raining