Monday, August 8, 2011

Random photos from the weekend.. :)

Knocked off early from work at 4 plus pm on Friday, thus I dropped by the nearest McDonald's outlet @ Boat Quay & purchased 2 set of Happy Meals!

I also had a McDonald's Happy Meal set for lunch that day..

So why the sudden craze for Happy Meals???!!!

Here's the reason why...

It is because of the toy trains that came with it! :)

Both the boys love trains, thus I bought the meals, which of course, came with the free toy, just for them! :)

Stickers included.. :)

The completed product after I had pasted the stickers! ;)

Bought a Happy Meal for myself too & even though I'm not a Hello Kitty fan, I accepted the free Hello Kitty watch that comes with it because of its color!

Red & White!

National Day's round the corner!

Happy Birthday, Singapore! :D

I also tried these during the weekend.. :)

Magnum Mini Liquorice Irish Cream & Limoncello! :)


Magnum Mini Liquorice Limoncello..

Magnum Mini Liquorice Irish Cream..

Also visited Denny's shop - Popcornpop @ Esplanade Mall on Saturday afternoon..

We were there to purchase these..

The Polar Express movie poster!

The boys' favourite movie.. (In fact, they have a few favourites..)

Bought this movie poster & (changeable) frame from Popcornpop..

Gonna hang it in our new house..

So coincidentally, the color of the poster matches our house curtains!

Thank you, Denny, for the discount! :)

Here's another one of our boys' favourite movies.. (In fact, they have a few favourites..)

Toy Story 3!

Bought the (changeable) frame from Popcornpop too..

Gonna hang it in our new house, together with The Polar Express movie poster..

Thank you once again, Denny, for the poster & for the discount! :)