Friday, September 16, 2011

A few more random pics this week.. ;)

Knocked off work early @ 3pm on Tuesday afternoon..

As I was at East Coast Road & was craving for ice-cream, I took a stroll to Ice Cream Chefs for some..

Have not been there for quite some time...

吃冰淇淋l喔!Time for some ice-cream! :)

My yummy Milky Azuki Ice-Cream with extra mixed-in of shortbread! :d

Also managed to try the Cheese Shaker Fries from McDonald's™ @ Boat Quay when I was there on Wednesday afternoon..

Yummy! It's really very nice! :d

Angry Birds! Wahaha!

We still looking for the white bird & the black bird & also the green pig! ;p

Our dark wood cupboard arrived yesterday!

(Just like the rest of our house furniture, it's also dark wood, to go with the "Ebony & Ivory", black & white theme of the house..)

Cheap & good, simple & nice!

Remind me of those hotel cupboards.. Even the insides look like one! ;p