Sunday, September 11, 2011

Random Pics... (updated)

Visited Great World City, followed by ION Orchard last Thursday afternoon..

And guess what?!

I camwhored in the bathroom!!! LOL!!!

As usual, knocked off work early last Friday & treated myself to this @ Eastpoint!

Gong Cha Milk Alisan Tea 貢茶奶蓋青茶

Nice.. ;d

My mum bought me this key holder box on her trip to Malaysia recently! For our new home!

So sweet!

Thanks mummy! You're always the best! :)

Another TV for the playroom! Now there's a TV in every room in the house!!! :/

A 42 inch one in the living room, a 22 inch one in the master bedroom, this one in the playroom & a small screen one in the guest room etc.! :/

Purchased this Doraemon iPhone 4 cover yesterday!

Sorry for the lousy photo quality.. Took this pic using a Nokia phone.. :/

A pic I hang in my bathroom, next to the mirror so that I can see it & am reminded of His unfailingly promise every morning & night..

It's been my favorite verse ever since I was 17/18 years old till now..

[It's been 16 years into our friendship, Elim! Do you still remember?! ;) ]