Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I've been too busy to blog these days... Thus I shall let the photos do the "talking".. LOL.. :p

March 17 at 1:02pm... 달콤한 생긴 토끼.. ウサギは甘い調べ.. (^_^)

March 20 at 12:40pm... "soup"er delicious! (^_-) @ The Soup Spoon

March 22 at 5:16pm... Each A Cup

March 23 at 1:05pm... Tonkotsu Ramen! おいしい! (^_^) @ Men men Don don

March 26 at 12:55am... Jonathan Ezra: Woo hoo! No school for me today as my school's close for a teachers' meeting! Me & mummy's gonna spend a wicked day of fun together! Started the day staying up to watch Hawaii Five O Season 2 latest episodes with mummy! Gonna hit the sack soon after that as we're gonna have a busy day filled with activities later! (^_^)

March 26 at 2.09pm... Doraemon Air Cannon & Dokodemo Door 3D at McDonald's, Downtown East

March 26 at 7.00pm... Jonathan Ezra: I've had a fun day with mummy today! She drove me to visit my previous school; my ex-school teachers; my ex-schoolmates! They could still remember me and were extremely happy to see me! (^_^)

I also went with mummy to visit her paternal grandmother (also my great grandmother)! Mummy also brought me to Downtown East for lunch @ McDonald's & we spent the entire afternoon playing @ eXplorer Kid, E!hub at Downtown East! (^_^)