Saturday, March 17, 2012

Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, I went to visit my hairstylist recently & she decided to give me a new look..

I'm still trying to get used to my new clean cut look.. (^_-)

Here it is..


I personally love it! (^_^)

My friends think it's cool & felt that I was really daring to carry this new super short hairdo..

Here's a few pics I took of myself before my haircut..

What a difference, yeah?

Before & After...

Apart from pics of my new hairdo, I also took some other pics this week..

Got hold of this on Sunday.. (^_^)

It came together with the McDonald's Happy Meal! (^_^)

My favourite! Doraemon!

Hee.. (^_^)

And needless to say, my life must never be lacking of 2 things (there are many others.. LOL..)

Good food & movies!!!

Had dinner @ Jack's Place on one of the weekdays this week..

The food was yummy & the steak was delicious!

The mango ice-cream puffs were super yummy!!! :d

I also had a team dinner with my team mates @ The Rice Table Indonesian Restaurant last evening..

The food was scrumptious & sumptuous! (^_^)

Check out the long table of food!!! ;d

 HAPPY! (^_^)

Here are a few movies I've watched on DVD recently..

Amidst my busyness, I managed to "squeeze" out some time every night to watch some of these movies..

(Click on the movie title links to view more details of each movie)

Thanks a million to Mabel Eva, for getting hold of these for me!!!

Love Bruce Lee 李小龍!

Yeah, I believed some of you may have noticed that some movies I've already watched when they were first released onto the big screen & I'm watching them again on DVD.. LOL!

Well.. one can't resist watching good movies again & again, ya? LOL.. :p


Looks pretty in white, ya?


It looks cool in graphite blue & makes me so tempted to trade my old ACER ASPIRE 4520 for his new one..


Nah! I still prefer MAC best!

Speaking of which, my company will be issuing me a Macbook Pro! (besides my current FUJITSU laptop which I'm also using now.. ) (^_^)

Woo hoo!!! (^_^)

Now I have 3 lappies... -_-"