Sunday, July 29, 2012

My maternal grandma's birthday dinner!

Didn't take that many pics though.. Was busy eating and...

Surfing the Net... LOL!

Eh.. No.. This pic was not taken at the dinner..

Took this pic when I was taking a short break from work on a weekday afternoon..

Yup! Took the opportunity to surf the Net on my MacBook Pro & enjoy my Hojicha (Japanese Tea) from Starbucks..

Ok! Now back to pics from my maternal grandma's birthday..

Here are they... taken via Instagram...


Krisha! Ain't she adorable? She's my aunt's friend's daughter & my aunt's babysitting her..

She likes me... ^_^

사촌! (meaning: cousin)

Haha! Played a prank on him.. Put salt into his beancurd & he spat everything out upon putting it into his mouth! :P

Lobster dish..

Pumpkin Prawns..

Chicken, anybody? LOL!

Abalone mushroon with broccoli..

Soya Beancurd with sweet corn & red bean fillings..