Friday, July 13, 2012

Thanks to Jonathan Ezra, I had the most rare opportunity of being able to have a good rest for an entire week!

Yeah.. It's been years since I ever had an opportunity as such, to just rest for an entire week doing nothing but look after the little one..

Why is that so you wonder? Well.. Cos our little friend was diagnosed with HFM on Monday afternoon!

But he really is one unusual little fella...

Despite having HFM, despite having a mouth of ulcers, he's no different from his usual hyperactive self!

When his older brother, Shawn Ethan, was down with HFM years ago, he had a painful time..

With a mouth full of ulcers, Shawn Ethan was unable to eat, drink or talk much..

He kept mentioning it was painful & all he wanted to do was sleep..

Well, of course, needless to say, Jonathan Ezra takes after me more, he & I both have a high threshold of pain, thus, our little one doesn't seem affected at all..

He eats, drinks, sleeps & is extremely talkative as usual! -_-"

Thus we spent the week having a good rest, lazing at home, watching TV, DVDs, surfing the net, playing games etc.

It was a good week of rest indeed! ^_^

He seems to have recovered almost completely by now coz' when I looked into his mouth today, there seem to be no trace of any ulcers left except for 1 on his tongue..

Thank God for everything! ^_^