Sunday, December 9, 2012

Swag!!! My blog can now be translated into 66 languages for viewing! How cool is that?! Just click on the "translate" button on the right column by the side & select language & voila! Kekeke! ^^

So have fun with it, dears! ^_-

Which side of me do ya love? The good? The crazy? The cool? The badass? LOL!!! :P

Well.. If you ask me, does it matter?

Hmm.. It does to a certain extend cos' it's awesome to be popular, known & recognized.. 

Received special & prioritized treatment/services, even at the post office last week! ^_^

December 5th 2012: Happy 4th Birthday, Jonathan Ezra! ^_^

Jonathan Ezra celebrated his 4th birthday at his paternal grandparents' residence & in his school with his classmates as well.. 

He was extremely happy.. ^^

Guess what caught my eye on Thursday morning? ^_-

ランチ。。てんざるすみうど 。。花巻。。満足。。^_^

Here's something specially for you guys... ^_- ^_^

Me & maknae.. fooling around in our office building before going for our dance practise! :p

Do ya like it? LOL! :D

What the f**k?! Oops!!! LOL!!!


Reasons: 1) my legs are too long.. Don't know what to do with them..

2) Maknae is a better dancer than me when it comes to Gangnam Style.. *jealous*

3) sleepy & tired after dance prac...

I travelled into another dimension last week! Kekeke! ^_-

Time travel... 10 years ago I was here... 10 years later I'm here again...

Travelling thru' space...

In defiance of gravity...

And because I travelled thru' space.. I met up with BIGBANG (in Hongkong)!!! LOL!!! Kekeke!!! ;p