Sunday, December 16, 2012

Awesome week it has been... ^_^ It feels awesome to be young & rich.. ^^

Tuesday, 11th of December 2012: 

Chilling on a Tuesday noon... ^_^

Skulls... Simply can't resist them.. Upon seeing them, I knew I had to have them.. :p


New training shoes & socks.. ^_^

Wednesday, 12th of December 2012:

Met up with my Instagram buddies, Royston, Cesar & Tomohitoshi, for lunch last week..

After our lunch meeting, guess what my dear friends did in the back alley! Our "specialty"... "Stealing"! LOL!!!

(see photos below) LOL!!!

Dinner on a cold & rainy evening... ^_^

Thursday, 13th of December 2012:

Breakkie on a Thursday afternoon.. ^_-

Naughty me.. Skipped dance practice on Tuesday.. (I miss you too, maknae.. I super love my maknae!!! He's awesome!!! ^_^ *kiss kiss kiss* Kekeke!!! ^_-)

Made up for it by attending dance practice on Wednesday instead.. ^_^

After dance practice was over, I was sooo freaking hungry that I could eat a horse Gangnam Style! LOL!!!

Saturday, 15th of December 2012:

Off to my friend, Royston's film launch! ^_^

Thanks Roy for letting the few of us into the screening hall (@ the National Museum) earlier than everyone else before the public screening.. ^_^

Before & after the screening...

Love the props.. ^_^

I was "addicted" to the ducky kiddy ride.. LOL!!!

Such a beautiful film - Old Romances!!! Congrats, bro!!! So proud of you!!! ^^

For more info about the film, click on the link below.

Old Romances

Myself & Director Royston! ^_-


A lucky gal's gonna receive this from me this Christmas!

All the way specially from FNC Entertainment, Korea, an 18-page booklet filled with CNBlue's photos & songs lyrics comes with this CD album package..

And there's only one of its kind left.. ^_^

Yes, Laksmi Proborini.. I'm sending this your way..

Ling & Irma Lin, you both will be receiving special "stuff" from FNC when I happen to visit Taiwan next year too! ^_-

I also received a Christmas present today! ^_^

And of course I didn't wait till the 25th of December to open it.. LOL!!!

Looks delicious, right? Kekeke...

BUT, NO!!! It's not edible!!!

They are stationary in the shape of food!!! LOL!!!

(On the left) A cute small tin of biscuit gems & (on the right) the infamous "Kueh Tutu" which is actually a eraser...

The biscuit gems look sooo real!!! But they are actually fridge magnets! :D

Swag!!! ^^