Sunday, December 23, 2012

What a busy week it was for me! But then again, when was I ever not busy??!! Kekeke... :p

December 16th, 9.48pm:

Bought some of these old school "Ding Dang" choc biscuits today! Who wants some? I'm gonna give them to ya! ^_^

December 17th:

I woke up in the morning & as I was flipping through the stack of newspapers from the weekend, I spotted...

Royston & his film - Old Romances featured in the newspaper.. Dated December 14-20, 2012..

When I mentioned to him about it, he said that he had seen it..

Guess what I bought? LOL!

I am a sucker for sweet stuff cos' I have a sweet tooth! All the more so when it's my all-time favorite cartoon character, Doraemon!!! ^_^

Fetched my mum down to St Joseph's Church @ Victoria Street that night as she wanted to attend a friend's husband's funeral wake..

I attended the funeral wake as well as I also knew my mum's friend of many years..

I couldn't resist "stealing" a shot of the church gate when I was there as I find the design really pretty... :p

Also uploaded this pic onto my Instagram & posted it with a monochrome filter..

Beautiful, right? ^_^

The peace & serenity one experiences when attending a church funeral wake late at night is beyond description...

The architectural design of the church's interior's really beautiful & the same goes for most catholic churches I've been to.. :)

This church was also featured in Royston's latest film: Old Romances :)

December 18th:

Roy mentioned to me that he was also featured in this week's IWeekly magazine, thus I went to grab a copy off the shelf...

"Wow, bro! @filmr You are unmistakably huge on the cover of the magazine & the 4-page feature inside as well! You look good ah! Ok! Set! Can frame up & I'll present to you as yr Christmas pressie already! ROFL!!! With love from me!!! ROFL!!!"

That's what I teased him about when I took these following pics & posted onto my Instagram.. 

He, however, insists that he was scared to see himself.. Hmm.. I don't understand why..

He looks good in these photos, doesn't he?


Dinner that night... ^_^

December 19th:

Sorry I couldn't resist being a badass... :p

Time for dance practice again...

Almost dozed off while I was driving... -_-"

December 20th:

As I happened to pass by Novena Church that afternoon, I decided to stop by the place to say a little prayer...

Believe it or not, I've never stepped into that church ever before for the past 34 years of my life despite the fact that it's one of the most well-known Catholic Churches around..

As I sat there in the pews, I pondered to myself how many thousands have sat in these very pews, stained with their tears of sorrow & joy...

Overwhelmed... I wasn't able to leave my seat...

While I was there, I spotted a Secret Garden! ^_^

Watching & listening to them tell stories of their youth brings a smile to my face... 


I'll be just like them... ^_^


I miss you.. I really do.. We used to sit & chat for hours.. From dusk to dawn.. Sharing our lives with each other till there's nothing left to say but to enjoy each other's company.. Words weren't necessary between us.. We knew each other without having to speak a single word... Now our relationship has fade to grey.. So has the bench we used to sit on...

That night, after a long day, after dance practice, upon reaching home not long, headed out again to do some late night Christmas shopping... 

Bare-faced.. :P

Eh.. I have perfect eyesight but I like this pair of spectacles lots, thus, enjoy wearing it as an accessory.. LOL!!!

December 21st:

Jonathan Ezra's graduation concert @ Kreta Ayer Theatre! ^_^

Took a few photos & videos of him performing on stage. However, due to the bright stage lightings, I felt the photos taken were overexposed, thus will wait for the concert DVD (which is professionally done) to be released.. 

(I've already placed orders for the DVD)

While I was there, I was fascinated by the super lots of spotlights/stagelights mounted on the ceiling above the stage..

And also the projector lights & projector windows..

They look so old-school!

3 hour long graduation concert with performances by many groups of kids ranging from Nursery 2 to Kindergarten 2, from five different childcares!

Took this photo during the grand finale..

This song rang in my head while I took this photo, despite the fact that they were singing another song...

"We are the world.. We are the children.. We are the ones who make a brighter day so let's start living....."
Amidst the huge crowd of children... I spotted SO MUCH potential in every single one of them!

Many leaders, politicians, entertainers, influential individuals are gonna be coming forth from this bunch of youngsters!

They are our future!!!

That night, after the concert, I felt like a "Santa Claus" as I stopped by my office building to place Christmas pressies on colleagues' & co-workers' work desks! Kekeke...

Jonathan Ezra came along with me & he always enjoy himself playing at the Children's Play Room in my office... ^_^

Look at him..

Oppa Gangnam Style... In my office! LOL!!!

Oppa playing style... LOL!!! In my office...

Standing in front of the vending machines in my office, he must pose as well.. Faintz.. LOL!!!