Monday, December 31, 2012

The eve of New Year Eve & New Year Eve...

This post is not gonna be a long one cos' I'm busy enjoying my New Year Eve & counting down to the New Year 2013 while posting these pics here..

So without further ado, here are the pics I took last night & this evening..

The eve of New Year Eve...

My parents' threw a dinner party at their new home last night so I headed there to attend the party & there were so many friends & relatives who turned up.. I was so bored.. I actually went to hide in one of the rooms to eat.. LOL!!!

Was so bored... -_- So I resorted to camwhoring in my parents' room... :p

New Year Eve...

Last dance rehearsal & performance of the year 2012!!! ^_^

Me & maknae! LOL!

Me & my manager..

He's the best in the world to me!

He accompanies me for almost all my dance practices & when I teased him that he does so is it because he's afraid I'll skip my dance pracs., he said no but because he's there to give me his support..

And after each practice, he'll thank me for taking my time..

He thanks me for everything!

I should be the one thanking him for being such an awesome manager & friend to me all these time! ^_^

Cheers to the coming New Year 2013! ^_^

Thank you for this gift, maknae! 

As promised, here's a pic of it after I've fixed it..

Presenting... 北海道犬 Hokkaido Dog