Monday, May 6, 2013

All work & no play makes me a dull person.. BUT I work hard AND play hard! Thus I'm never a dull person! LOL! ;P

Yeah, like I've mentioned above..

I am one person who has always believe in working hard & playing hard, thus, there's never a dull moment in my life..

My motto in life is: one only has one life to live, thus, live everyday as if it is one's last.. Live life to the fullest!

Enjoy every single minute of it.. whether it be at work or at play or anything in particular etc.

Live life without regrets.. Do whatever one can while one is still alive on this earth..

Don't wait till one is lying on one's death bed then one starts to regret, hoping to live one's life all over again..

By then, it'll be too late..

Ok.. Ahem! I think you guys get the picture.. So I shall not bore everyone any further with my blah.. blah.. blah... LOL!

My faithful blog readers will know, judging by the Instagram pictures I frequently upload here onto my blog weekly or bi-weekly..

I always do have fun, no matter how super busy I may be in life..

So did I have fun again last week?

You bet, I sure did! ;)

So, as usual, for the umpteenth time, I'm gonna let my Instagram pics taken last week do most of the "talking" here..


Check out the swag I've checked out last week!

Maserati Grand Turismo!

How swag is that?!

Love it! :)

And despite all the swag in my life, one must never forget to enjoy the SIMPLE pleasures in life!

Thus, I, together with my boys, stopped by a roadside one day to buy some ice-cream from an "uncle" selling ice-cream on his mobile motorcart.

I've always love ice-cream! :d

Let me tell you, the ice-cream was dope! :)

Many times I get so busy with work that I do not have much time for meals while working..

Thus, there were many times I do not have lunch or dinner..

Yeah, many people tell me that I must take good care of my health or else it will affect me etc..

Thus, to make up for it, I'll always try to eat well whenever I am able to..

Hee.. ;)

So last week, when I had the opportunity, after not being able to grab lunch for that day, I went to eat my favourite food/dishes for dinner, of course..

Actually, to be honest, I always eat well when I do eat.. :)

Japanese food & sushi!!!


And speaking of food, my aunt actually cooked this for me to eat last week & it was delivered to me..

I was like...


It's some kind of curry.. with interesting ingredients..

It tasted good so I just ate it all up without asking..


Stopped by this really cool place last week..

But my thoughts were carried away then..

This was the caption I typed when I was posting this pic on my Instagram..

"There are too many people out there these days trying hard to look like someone else or be like someone else.. One should just be oneself.. Then that's REALLY cool.. Never change who you are so that others will like you, just be yourself and the right people will love you just for being you.."

Cos' this were my sentiments then..

I know it's kinda weird but I believe lots of you will agree with me, right? LOL! ;)

Here's another sentiment of mine..

"Happiness is having best friends who'll stand by me always! No matter what happens! ^__^"

I always thank God I have awesome BFFs!!! ^__^

Up next are...

Make a guess?


I love this above design of SpongeBob with Baby Milo by A Bathing Ape..

I couldn't resist getting these ones below yesterday..

Paul Smith! :p

Captain America? ;)

In my opinion, Captain America's the most inspirational superhero leader in The Avengers!

I wanna be just like him..

A great leader..

So have you guessed it?

Haha! Yeah! They are print designs on Tees(T-shirts)!

They're pretty, aren't they!

Hahaha!!! ;D

And lastly, thank you NCC for the gift yesterday! ;)

It's a very pretty wallet-sized leather cardholder cum moneyholder..

I love the verse printed on the box packaging..

And to conclude this post..

Here's wishing everyone of you a "Goodnight" & a "Good Morning"!

LOL!!! ;D