Monday, April 29, 2013


Yeah.. Been really busy as usual for the past 2 weeks, thus, so sorry for the lack of updates over here on my blog..

Been busy with work.. family.. and many other stuffs, of course.. *winks* ^_-

Kekeke.. Yeah.. I'm always so secretive & mysterious when it comes to what I've been up to & always up to.. LOL! ^_-

Anyway, in the midst of my usual busyness, wherever I may be, I'll not fail to take pics to upload onto my Instagram..

Hahaha! LOL!!!

Anyway, got hold of this 2 weeks ago & yes! Looking forward to swaggin' out with the guy this coming June! ;D

MichiGo! ;D

But, wait a minute! how swag can he be when he was in New York recently & no one seems to know who he is.... O.O

Got hold of these pics of him while he was there & uploaded it onto my Instagram with funny captions...

Ok.. Here's for your entertainment..


And here's my caption.. LOL!!!

"Dang... I'm sleepy.. And these guys just keep on talking.. Eh.. No choice.. I gotta just keep smiling....." Phone call. "Hello... Hey! Hihi! Yeah.. Bored here.. Yeah.. No one seems to know me here.. I have no idea.. I'm just standing here but.. No one bothers or notices me.. Wt#%^*.. Hey.. I'm GD.. G to the D..... Hello.. Hello.. " #%^*


For more photo updates of BIGBANG & GDragon etc., feel free to check out my photo album of BIGBANG on my FaceBook profile by clicking on this link here:

And also don't forget to check out how swag I am by checking out my Facebook &Instagram too, yeah?


(I'm more active on Instagram & Facebook than Twitter..)

OK, enough of my shameless self-promotion here.. LOL!!!

Coming up are some more pics of my "adventures", in the midst of my busyness the last 2 weeks..

The past 2 Friday nights were dope nights! :D

Cool, yeah? And curious about what I was up to, right? ^_-

Haha! Notty me! ^3^

After a tiring week...

Brunch with da gang last Sunday morning!

And guess where I was last Monday?!

Here's a hint..

Yup! I was @ Universal studios & I visited the world's largest oceanarium for the very 1st time! :D

I took hundred over photos while I was there & of course, I will not upload all here as there's too many to upload!!!

Thus I've uploaded only selected ones on my Instagram..

So here's the few..

This place is dope!

Right at the bottom of the world's largest oceanarium is a restaurant where you can dine while watching all the marine creatures & sharks etc. swim all around you via the transparent walls!

I'll definitely go there again another day!

I love starfishes... Was fortunate to be able to touch one @ the world's largest oceanarium! :)


And guess what?

I also had fun at a children's water theme park with Jonathan!

Had fun being a big kid for the day! Aye! Yezzir! Ahoy!


Next up!

Candies are a must for every kid, big or small!!!

Get your candy!!!

Sweet! I entered the world of Willy Wonka! ;D Hello to the Simpsons family too! :D

Candylicious.. Am I? You decide! LOL!

Speaking of sweet stuff..

Here's something I've tried recently..

I think lots of you would find it familiar & may have tried it..

It's Blackball's signature dessert..

Really 甘い & chewy.. :)

And here's another totally sweet thing of mine..

Another Chromehearts purchase of mine.. ;p


Ok.. just realized that it's way way way past midnight here & I better go catch some rest..

I've been having long days & nights of work for the past 2 weeks & I believe the next few days & weeks & months to come, I'm gonna be just as busy..


My eyes are tired.. G-nite everybody!

Swag out!