Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Like I've promised..

Here's my blog post on my account with CNBLUE while they were in Singapore for their BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN SG during the weekend.

Just like I've written a very detailed blog post on my account with BIGBANG when they were in Singapore during their Alive Tour 2012 last year.

(For those who have not read it, check it out here:

So without much further ado, the following is my timeline account with CNBLUE :)

Here goes:

April 11, 2013, 7.37pm :

CNBLUE's flight landed in Singapore!

And I was there to meet them..

Gosh! Look at the crowds of fans waiting for them!!!

CNBlue should feel so loved with so many of their fans waiting for them!

As I arrived just slightly before the boys exited after collecting their luggages, I did not take any photos of them while they were waiting inside the transit for their luggages at Belt 33.

April 11, 2013, 8.10pm :

When they exited, their fans started screaming their welcomes & these guys walked hurriedly towards the exit, towards the 2 white vans that were there to pick them up upon their arrival in SG.

Jungshin & Yonghwa were in a playful mood though.

Jungshin while waiting for his luggage before exiting, he could spot so many of their fans outside the arrival hall waiting for them & he starting recording a video of the crowd.

Upon exiting, YongHwa was busy pushing Jungshin forward while JongHyun & MinHyuk were busy playing with their phone & listening to music respectively behind.

Despite the boys hurrying out towards the van picking them up! I managed to take a snapshot of "him".

Here's someone for you Boices.. :)

Our leader... ;)

Here's a closer shot of him which I've posted on my Instagram:

April 11, 2013, 8.15pm :

I was just standing near to these 2 vans picking them & their luggage up & heading for the hotel they will be residing in while they're in Singapore for their Blue Moon World Tour 2013

Guess which hotel they stayed in? I was the 1st to release the info. as I had inside news of course.. LOL!

Similar to BIGBANG, they stayed in Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.

Check out some of their luggages, band equipments/instruments etc. which had arrived earlier at the hotel before the boys themselves did.

April 12, 2013 :

Newspaper article of the boys' upcoming 2013 CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR CONCERT - LIVE IN SINGAPORE dated 12th April 2013

April 12, 2013, 12pm :

CNBLUE Press Conference for their 2013 BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR IN SG

For more pics of them at the press conference, check out this link below:

The boys brought boxes of traditional Korean snacks for the media who posed questions to them!

Here are 2 video clips from CNBLUE'S press conference held on 12 April 2013:

April 12, 2013, 7pm :

Backstage of Singapore Indoor Stadium where the band equipments & instruments are before the setup & rehearsal.

CNBLUE's really hardworking!

At almost 7pm, they've already started heading towards Singapore Indoor Stadium for their rehearsal for their concert the next day!

And from the news I received, their fans are even crazier! Some have already started queueing outside the stadium overnight! O.O

April 13, 2013 :


I was there to support the boys! :)

Together with many other Boices! :)

We were in for a rocking good time!

The youngest fanboy of CNBLUE - Alden!

and I love him to bits!

April 13, 2013, 7pm :

Here's 2 photos I took of the audience just before the concert started!

Everyone of us, including CNBLUE boys will never forget that night! :)


What an awesome night!

We had a rocking good time with CNBLUE!

CNBLUE's so smashingly awesome!!!

And just like what I did during BIGBANG's ALIVE TOUR CONCERT 2012 IN SG, I took LOTS of photos during CNBLUE 2013 BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN SG & I've uploaded about 200 over photos of the concert into this album =>> ;CNBLUE 2013 BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN SG in my FaceBook page..

(Click on this link to view all the concert photos I took)

The album also includes arrival, press conference, concert pics & a detailed account of CNBLUE's interactions with the audience during the concert.

The following are also some photos taken at the concert
 (pics cr: xinmsn & FNC Entertainment)

Here are also 3 videos taken from the concert!
(vids cr: xinmsn)

April 13, 2013, 11.20pm :

After the concert, CNBLUE tweeted: 안녕하세요. 기타치는 종현입니다. 싱가포르 공연을 마쳤습니다! 모든 걸 쏟아부어 즐거운 공연을 했습니다. 다음 공연이 점점 기대됩니다. 잘부탁해요~ 여러분!!! Hello. Guitarist Jonghyun here. Singapore's show ended well! Gave our everything and we had a really fun show. Look forward to the next venue. Everyone~ please take care of us !!!

April 14 - 15, 2013 :

And the next 2 days after the concert, there were many good media reports, news articles etc. about CNBLUE 2013 BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN SG..

Here are a few out of the many..

Newspaper articles praising their performances for the night before..

Online articles praising the band for their charismatic, enthusiastic & impressive performances at their BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN SG:

And these are really good articles!

Click on the links below to view the online articles:


And what were our CNBLUE boys up to after their concert?!

Well, enjoying Singapore, of course!

And before they departed on April 14, 2013, Sunday night, on their 10.35pm flight back to South Korea, they went for dinner at a Korean Restaurant, located in Amara Hotel, before heading to the airport for their flight home.

Just like their arrival, a huge crowd of fans were there to see them entering the departure hall of the airport & some even managed to shake hands with them & wished them a safe journey back home to South Korea, before they head for the next country in line for their BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR - Thailand.. on May 4, 2013..

Thus I tweeted them:

@CNBLUE_4 Bye guys! Have a safe journey home! Thank you so much for everything! Last night was unforgettable!

We'll see them again.. :)