Friday, September 13, 2013

I'm back from Malaysia!

Yeah, hit up Malaysia last weekend!

Was there from the 6th of September & just returned 2 days ago.. :)

It was an awesome trip & I enjoyed myself tremendously..

Everyone there was really hospitable towards me & really treated me very well.. :)

So, needless to say, I took pics & uploaded them onto my Instagram account while I was there & to save myself from "talking" here, I shall let my pics do the "talking"..

Getting "lazy" to "talk" much these days.. LOL!!!

6th of September 2013:

Departure time: 2.30pm

Here we go! Let's go MALAYSIA!

Whatzzup Malaysia! I'm coming for ya!

7th of September 2013:

Chilling like a boss somewhere in Malaysia, with high security, away from the public, feeling awesome...


8th of September 2013:

We ate lots of delicious food in Malaysia everyday..

Chinese food in Malaysia too!

OMG! The infamous chilli crab & laksa in Malaysia!

These were so dope!

Had coffee at one of my cousin's coffee shop..

She has 3 outlets in Malaysia..

Just want coffee...

9th of September 2013:

Met Tony Stark aka Ironman in Malaysia.. ^_-


Did a little shopping while I was there..

Clothings, etc..


Among the items I purchased, this Marc by Marc Jacobs metallic jumble iphone case was one of the items I really liked..

Still remaining faithful to one of my favourite labels/brands... ^_^

10th of September 2013:

Had so much fun in Malaysia that I was kinda reluctant to leave...

Love ya, Malaysia!

I'll definitely be back!

kiss kiss!

piggyface here love ya all!


my new haircut!

Gonna conclude this blog post with a very cute video of something I bought while I was in Malaysia..

Check it out, yo!


귀여운! 하하하!!!