Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Time really flies...

The month of August 2013 has come to a close about hours ago & we have just entered the month of September 2013...

Next thing we know... 2013's coming to an end...

Time & Tide waits for no man...

Carpe Diem.. Seize the Day..

All the more so for me as I've been freaking busy this year... :(

So where have I been the past week?

It's been another tiring but interesting week for me..

Visited an interior design company earlier last week & while I was there for work reasons; purpose, I was amused by some of their works..

But what really amused me was this...

Guess what's this?

I didn't even knew that I had walked into a lift! The lift in their office was made entirely out of glass! (as you can see from the pic) & I didn't even realized that it was a lift until the platform starting moving upwards!

How cool is that?! ^_^

Swell, yeah! ^_^

And after I left their office, I checked out this interesting eatery/café located nearby..

Beautiful place for chilling indeed! And their salmon salad was da bomb!


Summon all the salmon! *#pun*

Last week, I also specially took some time off to celebrate my best friend's special day!!!


Haha! Indeed!

We stumbled upon this interesting old-school eatery & tried out the food there!

Nice old-school ambience which brought back lots of childhood memories!

And the food was nice too!

Here are a few pics I took while we were there!

On the whole, a very nice experience! :)

And speaking of birthdays, Teacher's Day is also round the corner..

I usually suck at gift wrapping but I'm pretty pleased with myself that I had done a pretty decent job wrapping a Teacher's Day pressie for my Japanese せんせい!

The gift was not handpicked by me though, I just came out with the "ka-ching".. Hope she likes the pressie! ^_^

Is it nice? Do ya think I've done a pretty decent job? LOL!!!

And anyone of you wants one of these below? LOL!

Ain't these teddy bears cute & adorable?

Well, I bought them specially for the teachers in Jonathan Ezra's playschool.. ^_^

Each of these bears in the boxes carry a pen each, with the message saying - "Thank you teacher" ^_^



My bestie recommended me this place which sells dope ice-cream & being an ice-cream lover, I decided to go check it out..

I couldn't believe the flavours they've got!

Guess what flavour is the ice-cream below which I've ordered?!

Salted egg yolk ice-cream & I doubled it with Parmesan Cheese with Cream Crackers ice-cream

Amazing, yeah?!

And it tastes good too!

One of a Kind indeed!

For more details, check out


Apart from bestie's birthday last week, it was also Michael Jackson's birthday.. on the 29th of August..

Really miss him.. He's a true legend & no one can replace him as the king of pop up to this very day.. His story will live on forever..

Happy Birthday, MJ!

You'll live on in our hearts forever!


Okay, I've specially stayed up a little longer just to post this blog post of mine..

 Thus it's now time for me to go catch some sleep..

피곤.. 마지막으로 .. 자러 가기 ..

Badass me! LOL!

Okok.. I can be a badass but I can be cute too!


Here's an act-cute pic of me taken last week k?





Not to forget! Something to look forward to this September 2013 for all F1 & BigBang fans!

Check out the details at:

Collected my 2013 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix Tickets & Passes!

(Parts of the pic has been blurred on purpose for security & confidentiality reasons) ^_-

BigBang, see ya guys again this September! At the 2013 Formula 1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix! The world's only Formula 1 night race!

Wow! Been seeing you guys really often this year & last year! Let's swag yo!