Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Before I continue with this blog post of mine...

Here's wishing all of ya a very

MERRY CHRISTMAS 2013, everybody!!! ^_^

Spent a cool & awesome Christmas Eve with da homies /besties..

Check out my delicious & mouth-watering Christmas Eve dinner.. ^_^

Despite being a little unhappy on the eve of Christmas Eve because of what happened to my maknae

 but was feeling much better on Christmas Eve..

And as usual, at this time of the year, I'm feeling like Santa once again..

All these pressies are just for friends/acquaintances. (too many friends!)

Next up will be for family, loved ones & close buddies!

Feeling happy!

It's indeed more blessed to give than to receive!

Anyway, took the subway in SG earlier this week & guess who I spotted?!


Spotted CNBlue's Jungshin & Minhyuk @ SG 's subway!


Got myself a special gift this week!!!

Does this look familiar?!


All thanks to TOP! ^_^

Got myself another tattoo inked recently..

As usual, all my tattoos have deep meanings behind each one..

So does this recent one..

Una Vita

Dang.. I have about 6 tattoos in total now.. LOL..


Enjoyed these delicious Jap food while I was travelling around the last 1 over week..

Took many more pics of Jap food but too many to upload here..

Thus just post these selected few.. LOL



Speaking of which, it's time for me to go!

Gotta Christmas dinner to attend in a while's time!


I betta' "GET OUT"!


So here's me wishing all of ya dearies a very MERRY CHRISTMAS once again before I sign off!


Swag out!