Sunday, December 15, 2013

Japan.. Japan.. I've passed my Japanese exam!!! ^_^

Hey hey hey..

I'm back! ^_^

And with lots of pics to share as usual..

So what's up with my past 2 weeks?

Japanese products are always すてき & かわいい..

Honestly, everytime I walk into a Japanese mart, I'm overwhelmed because as usual there are so many nice products to purchase, I wish I can purchase the whole mart!!!

These Hello Kitty mineral water bottles are so cute..


 私は彼らが好き.. :)

Finally checked out Okinawan Nirai Kanai's authentic cuisine with ma homie a week ago!


Tea with da homie too!




ストロベリー 、ダークチョコ 、塩とキャラメル...

Searched for the green tea KitKat for a Twitter friend who wanted to try them

(I've ate them a couple of times before)

After travelling to at least 5 Jap supermarkets, I found out from the sales-lady at one of the stores that it's out of stock & the stock will only be in around Jan/Feb..

That's not all.. Found these flavours after much searching (as different Jap supermarkets carry different flavours) & when I wanna post them to that someone, the post office refused me saying that I am not allowed to post chocs or food items to the Philippines as they are afraid that the custom clearance there's very strict and food items will be held at their customs..

I'm like wtf! #%^*+=, was damn pissed!

I NEVER had any probs posting such to my homies in the US & many other countries etc. ever before. But that was like months ago, of course. (came to find out later that the rule was just enforced about 2 months ago)

And when I told this someone the problem I encountered, she mentioned that she had a friend in SG who posted chocs to her before.. I was wondering how long ago was that?!

I still didn't believe my luck thus I called the post office management to enquire if it's true, wrote them an email etc. & still received the same reply saying that food items are NOT allowed to be posted at all.

Worse of all, what irritated me even more so was that when I told this Twitter friend the problem I encountered while trying to post her the chocs, she kept insisting that she had friends posting chocs to her before & never had any issues.. (Of course! If I had posted these chocs to her months ago, I would not have encountered any issues either!)

And she even went to the extend of mentioning that her dad works at the post office in the Philippines & it's okay.. (Of course! There's no such rules there as it's other countries that's encountering this problem posting to them & not posting from the Philippines!)

To cut the long story short, I explained to her I was irritated with the whole incident & it's up to her to believe it or not. I don't lie & if she doesn't believe me, she can go check it out for herself.

After all the trouble I went thru', I see no point having to explain myself any further. I did my best. Period.

Simply hate it when people doubt or disbelieve whatever I say...

Anyway, bitch don't kill my vibe..

Life is always good to me, apart from such occasional irritating moments happening once in a blue moon..


It's always nice to come home to surprises..

Arrived home earlier this week to receive my Japanese examination papers results slip in the mail..

I PASSED!!! ^__^

Yeah!!! ^__^

My minions - Stuart &Dave are always up to mischief whenever I'm away...

So guess who they "kidnap' this time?!

Yeah.. Poor SpongeBob..

Look at Squidward's sad face..


It was Jonathan Ezra's birthday on the 5th & check out the birthday cake I specially ordered for his birthday party..

Angry Bird Space!

He loved it!

Party packs were all ready packed & distributed to his classmates in his school..

Had a fun time celebrating his birthday with him & his classmates in school that day.. ^_^

Guess what I found at 紀伊国屋 Kinokuniya Book Store the past week?

And because I've watched the movie (more than once) & to support our cool & handsome TOP bro, yup! I bought the photobook, DVD & magazine!

Here are the pics & videos! (below)

Ain't TOP bro so cool & handsome?

His performance in the movie was so awesome!

TOP! 나는 필요 당신의 서명 다음에! 하하!



Sorry dears! I gotta go! Feeling sleepy now & I still have a long & eventful day ahead..

So I shall end this blog post for now..

Here's me wishing all of ya:

Sweet dreams! Baby Goodnight! Love ya!