Monday, December 2, 2013

Where have I been & what have I been up to these last 2 weeks of November??? As usual, I shall let all my following photos do the "talking".. (*warning* lotsa photos!) LOL!

미친 these days..

(ever since I completed my jap exam papers 1 over week ago..)



#Throwback #Hongkong..

These are so yummy!

Feels good to be home!

And thank you #Swarovski for the pleasant surprise.

Watched Alumni aka Commitment again earlier last week .. because of 멋진 잘 생긴 TOP

Dinner & Soju time with da homies earlier last week..


 #japan #makeawish #たなばた


#japan #japanese #food #ramen

 Starbucks time!

An interesting drink -

Green Lantern Float..

Guess who? LOL!

Spidey in da house!

Party time!

Chilling with one of da bros during one of my breaks..

His & mine..

My legs are longer than his cos' I'm taller!

Yeah! LOL!

OK, I know I'm tall.. Don't have to emphasize any further.. LOL!

And here's something to leave you guys with.. to ponder & wonder about while I conclude this blog post..
Here's my muse for the week..